Conference programme covers theories, models, methods and algorithms applied to socio-economic problems and established in physics, mathematics or computer science. The topics of the EC & FENS 2017 provide an overview of the scientific interest of econo- and sociophysics communities; they include but they are not restricted to:

  • Financial time series: equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical physics analysis
  • Fractal and multifractal effects in real data
  • Random matrix theory and its applications
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Thermodynamic formalism in economic research
  • Nonextensive effects on financial markets
  • The role of extreme and superextreme events
  • Risk management and portfolio analysis
  • Financial engineering
  • Models of market dynamics, in particular agent-based ones, in micro- and macroscales
  • Structure and behavior of economical and social networks
  • Complex adaptive systems in economical and social phenomena and processes
  • Conflicts’ dynamics
  • Modeling opinions and innovation spreading
  • Complex networks and their applications to complex systems: networks in economics and social sciences
  • Game theory
  • Computing in economics and social sciences

Preliminary Programme and Schedule of the conference will be available soon.