Volodymyr D. Koshmanenko, Tatiana V. Karataieva

We construct a simplest model of complex dynamical system describing the behavior of individuals (persons) in a conflict socium. The main problem is to find the personal strategy for providing of the best priority or at least survival. We show that wild law of conflict interaction, “each against all” , leads to the single winner, which possesses the maximal starting priority, all other individuals died. However, a choice of visible strategy may supply the reliable survival and even high priority for individual with a small starting power. We consider a conflict socium consisting of a big number of similar individuals (agents) living on a common resource space and mutually fighting for priority or survival. In the simplest case each agent is characterized by a single power value. The law of a conflict interaction “each against all” in the mathematical form is written by the explicit difference equation. We expose various spectrum of personal evolution of depending on choice of different strategies and propose the making decision problem interpretation of our model.