Stanisław Drożdż, Jarosław Kwapień, Paweł Oświęcimka

In human’s communication using short sentences is considered efficient. However, a text composed exclusively of such sentences looks technical and reads boring. The one composed of long ones, on the other hand, demands significantly more effort for comprehension. Studying characteristics of the sentence length variability (SLV) in a large corpus of world famous literary texts shows that an appealing and aesthetic optimum appears somewhere in between and involves self-similar, cascade-like alternation of various length sentences – much like volatility changes in the financial markets. Majority of studied texts obey the related fractal attributes but especially spectacular in this respect are literary texts belonging to the ‘stream of consciousness’ literary style, known also as the ‘internal monologue’. These develop patterns characteristic to multifractals very much resembling the ones generated by the financial volatility. This coincidence parhaps suggests that the degree of multifractality in markets reflects the level of endogeneity involved in the corresponding financial dynamics.