Joint event EC & FENS 2017 aims at motivating and supporting young researchers from Econophysics and other Complex Systems related fields. Therefore, the committee decided to grant multiple awards for different accomplishments. Part of awards will be addressed to all participants of the conference (Econophysics Colloquium Awards). Second part will be granted by Polish Physical Society to young researchers from Poland at different stages of career (Polish Symposium on Physics in Economy and Social Sciences Awards).

Econophysics Colloquium Awards
  • Award for the best presentation
    • Winner: Tomasz Gubiec
    • The rest of the podium: Semra Gunduc, Marcin Wątorek, Yuriy Stepanov
  • Award for the best poster
    • Winner: Rafał Kowalski
    • The rest of the podium: Joanna Toruniewska, Stephen Ashton, Jonathan Khedair, Jarosław Klamut, Rafał Rak

This awards will be granted based on votes of all participants.

Polish Symposium on Physics in Economy and Social Sciences Awards
  • Award for the best doctoral thesis
    • Winner: Mateusz Denys
    • Other distinguished thesis: Krzysztof Gajowniczek
  • Award for the best master thesis
    • Winner: Łukasz Gajewski
    • Other distinguished thesis: Jarosław Klamut, Przemysław Bańcerowski
  • Award for the best bachelor thesis
    • Winner: Adrian Tadla
    • Other distinguished thesis: Jakub Kalinowski, Adam Kordeczka

This awards will be granted based on the decision of the committee. Thesis may be submitted by its author, supervisor or reviewer. Submission must contain the thesis in PDF format and a cover letter about main results of max. 1 page. Applications are open until July 4th, 2017. Submitted thesis can be presented during the poster session.