There are many possibilities to find accommodation in Warsaw. Selection of an appropriate place depends on your needs. Below we list links you can start with to find accommodation that suites all your needs.

Special accommodation option for conference participants

In order to facilitate finding and booking a hotel room near the conference venue we have booked following rooms in Hotel IBIS budget Warsaw Reduta, which is relatively cheap and one of the nearest hotels:

  • 30 single rooms (125 PLN/room)
  • 45 double rooms (140 PLN/room)
  • 10 triple rooms (180 PLN/room)

Reservation of one of these rooms is available for conference participants only via email to (Mr. Tomasz Zięba – Front Office Manager). The message should indicate that you are a participant of this conference and the title should contain “EC2017&FENS2017”. Unpaid reservations will be canceled on May 15th 2017. You can ask more questions by the email mentioned above.

Find a hotel near the conference venue:

Find a hostel or a room:

Some hotels relatively close to the conference venue:

Dormitories (University Hotels):

City transport

There are multiple options and possibilities of getting from one part of the city to another. Public transport offers many bus and tram lines, two metro lines and several urban railway lines. Most likely, you will be interested in Zone 1 of public transport where all listed means of transport are available under the same ticket tariff. For short stay, probably one-day tickets or 20-minutes tickets are the best deals. Check out the official ticket tariff of public transport in Warsaw.

Additionally, there are over a dozen of taxi corporations and actively growing number of Uber drivers (usually cheaper than taxi). We strongly suggest not to use the services of drivers not registered under any corporation – it can be very expensive.

You might be interested in Warsaw Tourist Information points, or this travel guide. If you choose public transport, the easiest way to find proper lines and most convenient stops is through the website, available also as an application for smart-phones.

If you want to visit other regions of Poland, consider Polish Railways, as they connect almost every part of our country, or bus lines

Warsaw in videos

A brief introduction to Warsaw history and culture, along with a tourist guide.

A shorter material presenting many beautiful and worth seeing places in Warsaw.

After a historical trip around Warsaw let’s have a look at the modern part of the city.

Remember, even the best video cannot replace the real experience of visiting Warsaw. Let it be another reason to join Econophysics Colloquium 2017 in Poland.