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We would like to thank all the participants for contributing and creating together this wonderful event.


Main Organizers and Sponsors:

Faculty of Physics University of Warsaw Polish Physical Society Minister of Science and Higher Education

Conference supported financially under Contract no. 942/P-DUN/2017 from funds of MNiSW intended for dissemination of science (DUN)

Physics, economics, sociology, mathematics and computer science are fields of science which have created an interdisciplinary areas of research. Econophysics and sociophysics, thriving in the last two and a half decades, are fine examples of such interdisciplinary fields. They use knowledge, methods and tools of physics to model, explain and forecast economic and social phenomena and processes. The (thirteenth) Econophysics Colloquium (EC 2017) and the (ninth) Polish Symposium on Physics in Economy and Social Sciences (Polish acronym FENS 2017) is a meeting focused on these new areas, bringing together physicists, economists, market practitioners and researchers from many other fields. Among speakers of this international conference, there are some of the most influential researchers in the area of econophysics and sociophysics. It provides an opportunity to discuss important socio-economical problems from different points of view. This is extremely important at the present turbulent time, when market reality characterized by extremely high volatility may significantly impact our everyday life.

We have a great pleasure to announce that the forthcoming joint event that is 13th Econophysics Colloquium 2017 (EC 2017) and 9th Symposium on Physics in Economy and Social Sciences 2017 (FENS 2017) will take place in Warsaw, Poland.

Main Goals

  • Presentation of theories, methods and models developed in areas like physics, mathematics, and computer science, and successfully applied in economics or social sciences.
  • Meeting with people representing different scientific fields who are interested in interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • Strengthening the interaction between the academia and the industry, including business people, bank representatives, insurance institutions, IT companies and the stock exchange.
  • Promotion of the relatively new but rapidly developing fields of interdisciplinary sciences like econophysics and sociophysics among graduate students, Ph.D. students, and anyone interested in these subjects.

The list of previous Econophysics Colloquia (EC), containing detailed informations, is located on the official web page of Econophysics Colloquium. EC started in 2005 in Canberra (Australia) and in subsequent years were held in the following locations: Tokyo (Japan 2006), Ancona (Italy 2007), Kiel (Germany 2008), Erice (Italy 2009), Taipei (Taiwan 2010), Vienna (Austria 2011), Zürich (Switzerland 2012), Pohang (Korea 2013), Kobe (Japan 2014), Prague (Czech Republic 2015) and São Paulo (Brazil 2016). Selected papers from these conferences were published in Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications.

The FENS Symposia, partially inspired by Econophysics Colloquium, contributed in building the Polish econo- and sociophysics society. The current Symposium FENS is a continuation of the previous eight symposium editions that were held in Warsaw (2004), Kraków (2006)Wrocław (2007), Rzeszów (2009), Warsaw (2010), Gdańsk (2012)Lublin (2014) and Rzeszów (2015) selected papers of which were published in Acta Physica Polonica B and Acta Physica Polonica A.